Meine persönliche weiterentwicklung

Since 2009 I work with the best acting and success coach in the world: Bernard Hiller Bernard Hiller. He helped me growing as a human being, finding my real me and he gave me back the faith in acting. Without him I would not be the creative and brave artist that I am now. I did some many things I would never have done: dancing, singing with Pamela Falcon in public, playing theatre in Hollywood, create a flashmob through Cologne, create my own series (only 3 episodes, but hey, I did it), did a short movie with my private acting student Paul Falk and met so many incredible artists like Al Pacino, April Webster, Frances Fisher, Brett Ratner, Bryan Cranston, Adrian Gaeta, Sarah Ann Schultz, Adam Ramirez, Sandra de Sousa and so many others. To work with Bernard Hiller makes me better every day.

in 2012 I did another masterclass with my mentor and coach Bernard Hiller in Los Angeles. We met Al Pacino and he showed us his movie WILDESALOME, a theatre adaption starring him and Jessica Chastain. After the screening he talked 2 hours about acting, about training and about passion. 1 week later he showed us his movie CHINESE COFFEE and talked again 2 hours. We all learned so much and went home inspired.

In 2015 I did a masterclass with director and author Paul Haggis ( LA crash, Third person, Million Dollar Baby, Casino Royale) in Rome. We worked with him for 5 days on scenes very intense and at the end the scenes were presented in front of important casting directors. It was an incredible adventure and the thing that I learned most is that actors from states schools are not better than actors from private schools. It doesn´t matter on which acting school you were, it matters how much passion you have, how much will and power. Don´t give up must be your quote every day!  This masterclass taught me a lot about our profession.