Arbeiten als coach

The great singe Nyassa Alberta Nyassa Alberta works with me since 2016. It´s a great honor to work with such a passionated, talented, vulnerable, curious and amazing artist like her. I am grateful and inspired

Since 2008 I work with the incredible talent Paul Falk Paul Falk. He is a composer, singer, musician and actor. To work with him is always fun because he loves what he is doing and he is very young and very fast and very creative. Every day he has a new idea, a new vision. He keeps me young. Last year we did our first short movie together and this year we are planning the next. Thank you, Paul, for inspiring me since 12 years.

Since 2010 I work with the host and actress Mara BergmannMara Bergmann. It is an inspiring work and we influence each other. She was the host of the 10th anniversary of the Film Acting School Cologne and is known for her appearances in German TV.